5 Dutch Sustainable Fashion Brands You Need To Know besides Ana Dyla

Here we go, 5 Dutch sustainable brands you need to know besides Ana Dyla.

Mud jeans

When you think of The Netherlands and fashion, you think Denim. Unfortunately denim is one of the most polluting garments to make, as they require a lot of water (minimum of 4000L for a pair of jeans). That’s why buying sustainable jeans are a must these days! My personal favourite is Mud Jeans.

Mud Jeans makes use of the Circular Economy and is a B-certified company. Besides minimising their footprint with the production process. They make sure products and materials can be re-used easily. That is why they f.i. print their labels instead of using leather ones and they will recycle and make new jeans from worn-out pieces. It’s also good to know that, you can Lease A Jeans for just €7,50 a month, and they will recycle it afterwards.

Then it is finally time to start building. You now know the items you have in your closet, but it is equally important to monitor your style. To see what works for you and what you’re wearing often. Basics are also important to a fair wardrobe, these long-lasting pieces are a perfect foundation and easy to start off with.


If you’re searching for well-made fair fashion, Alchemist is there for you. Feminine styles and colours are elements that you will find throughout every single fashionable collection. This makes it the perfect brand that lets you go from casual to business in a minute.

Since 2013, Alchemist is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. Fair Wear is committed to good working conditions in the garment industry. This means employees have freely chosen to work for the suppliers with whom we do business. The wage workers receive are enough to live on and working hours are not inhumane. Finally, the working environment is clean and safe, and every worker has a legally binding employment contract.

O My Bag

O my Bag is an eco-friendly brand that produces fairly-made handbags and accessories. Made from a unique kind of eco-leather, an O My Bag is a piece that you can flaunt without guilt. This is due to a cleaner and safer tanning process, a reduced carbon footprint, and leather that is made with respect for the environment. It is also a bag that gives people the opportunity to establish a better life for themselves. In the area of Kolkata, India, every O My Bag is created with love in a safe and positive atmosphere. They care about fair wages and education and trainings are offered. I’m using my O My Bag every day!


Starting with sustainable fashion can be done step by step. An easy step would be to replace your socks with Qnoop socks! Qnoop is producing sustainable socks that don’t get lost when you’re doing your laundry. Why not? Because they have a loop and a button and they don’t want to lose each other. Apparently we’re throwing out too many socks because we lose one.
Besides the fact that you won’t lose your Qnoop socks, they’re made of sustainable materials as well! Qnoop uses GOTS certified Combed Cotton (this is thé certification for cotton world wide) and biodegradable buttons!

Miss Green

If you’re looking for your everyday fashion brand, which you just do not want to take off, there is Miss Green. They are the perfect fit for all busy women out there, who want to feel comfortable. About 9 years ago, Maaike Groen started Miss Green due to a need of high quality basics. Nowadays she serves you with a collection full of quality basics extended with some unique pieces. Fun Fact: Miss Green was the first Dutch Fashion brand that got GOTS certified, so they know what they’re doing!

Now it’s time to learn from each other. What is your favorite Dutch brand?

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